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Commercial Transactions, including Mergers and Acquisitions, Business and Organizational Matters 
Since its inception in 1994, Lish Law Firm has worked closely with in-house legal departments of large, privately held and publicly owned corporations, and has represented these clients in a wide array of commercial transactions and business organizational matters, including mergers and acquisitions, internal reorganizations and other corporate matters.  Lish Law Firm has also worked with numerous small to medium-sized business clients and their tax advisors in the formation, organization and qualification of various forms of legal entities in Texas, Delaware and other states throughout the U.S., including corporations, professional corporations, limited liability companies, professional limited liability companies, registered limited liability partnerships and non-profit corporations.

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions - Commercial Leasing (Office, Industrial and Retail),

and Purchases & Sales of Commercial Properties 
Over the past thirty years, Lish Law Firm has worked with several large, multi-national clients and their real estate brokerage firms and agents in the negotiation, acquisition, modification and renewal of hundreds of leases for an aggregate total of more than 8 million rentable square feet of office, warehouse, retail space and flex-space in more than twenty different states throughout the United States, and in Canada and Europe. Lish Law Firm negotiates leases which protect its clients' rights and interests, and the continuity of their businesses and operations. Lish Law Firm also represents clients in ongoing matters, including landlord-tenant disputes, Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements, Tenant Estoppel Certificates and related matters. The Firm also represents clients in the purchase and sale of improved and unimproved commercial properties, and development and land-use issues, as well.


Technology-Related Ventures and Transactions

Mark Lish began practicing law in 1989, at the dawn of the age of computerization, and in the days before smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobility and constant connectivity had become a way of life. When the large law firm he worked for at the time wouldn't provide him with a PC, Mark bought his own and put it to good use, maximizing efficiency to better serve the firm's clients, as he continues to do to this day at Lish Law Firm.  As his clients began to embrace those same technologies, too, new Internet and web-based business models evolved to augment their brick-and-mortar businesses.   As those models have continued to evolve over time, Lish Law Firm's technology practice has expanded with them to include the representation of clients in a multitude of different Internet and technology-related transactions, including the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization and Distribution Agreements with Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and other dominant players in the Internet advertising industry

  • Pay-for-Performance Advertising Distribution Agreements

  • Mobile Application Development Platform Design, Development, Hosting, Maintenance and Support Agreements

  • Local Search Services Agreements

  • Video Advertising Production Agreements

  • Master Advertising Agency Agreements

  • Geocode License Agreements

  • Web-based Mapping Service Agreements

  • Collocation Agreements, Outsourcing and Secondary Data Center Agreements

Estate Planning & Probate

You don't have to be wealthy to need an Estate Plan.  But the more wealth you've accumulated and the greater the variety, nature and locations of the assets you've accumulated during the course of your lifetime, the more complicated your estate planning needs may be.  Whether you need a basic estate plan that includes a simple Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, and a Directive to Physicians, or a more complicated estate plan which include a Revocable Living Trust or a Will with one or more testamentary trusts, we can help; not only with the preparation of those important instruments, but with their administration and probate, as well.   

Estate Planning & Probate
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